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Need Help Downloading?

Finding your downloaded files

Customers purchasing VERGE digital magazines from our online store are allowed to receive a maximum of three PDF downloads per purchase at no additional charge. Keep in mind that each time you hit the download button at the point of purchase, that it counts towards your initial limit. We recommend using your three downloads for your desktop computer, tablet, and mobile phone. 

It is also important for you to save your downloaded magazine files to a secure hard drive or e-book reader in order to have continuous unlimited access to your digital magazine.

Once your payment is successfully received, you will be immediately prompted to download your magazine. After clicking "Download" your browser should prompt you to save your file automatically. If your browser does not prompt you to save your file, then you have not actually downloaded anything yet.

Therefore, please note the following:

  • If you are using an iPad or iPhone look for your email for the download link to your magazine, as the "Download" prompt you receive immediately in the pop-up window after your purchase may not automatically download to these devices.
  • If you are using an Android mobile device and your browser does not prompt you to save the file, then you should also look for your email for the download link to your magazine.  

After you download your file, it may be saved to your desktop, a specific downloads folder, or the last place you saved a file, depending on your browser and your preferences. You must have a PDF compatible eBook reader to view your magazine.

Recommended eReaders for saving and reading your magazine include:

  • iBooks (for iPad users)
  • PocketBook is highly recommended for Android mobile devices (which can be downloaded for free in the Google Play Store)
  • ePUB, Adobe Reader, Adobe Acrobat and other compatible PDF readers

If you already have a PDF eReader installed on your device, then your magazine file should automatically transfer to your eReader from the downloads folder. However, if the file does not automatically transfer to your eReader, then you must transfer the file manually from the downloads folder or file to your PDF eReader library.

For desktop users:

Internet Explorer: typically lets you choose where to save a file. If you do not select a folder, it will default to the last place you saved a file.

Firefox: saves files to your desktop unless you have specified otherwise in the preferences.

Safari: will generally send files to your downloads folder or your desktop. This can also be set in the preferences.

Chrome: saves files to your downloads folder unless otherwise specified.


If you are still having trouble, please contact us at: